Black Friday Ultimate and Pizza


Here’s a shot of the gang enjoying some pizza, beer, and a little taste of 18-year-old scotch (courtesy of Jason). We are thankful that it’s 75 degrees, sunny, and we got to play Ultimate.


fu thanksgiving


Teaching Ultimate at Olinda Elementary

A few of us represented FU at the Olinda Elementary School Sports Day last Friday. We taught kids from 3rd to 6th grade how to play the game. The kids got to throw a bit and then we played a little game. It seemed like everyone had fun.



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Get Your Circle of Love T-Shirts

wm-backThe Circle of Love T-Shirts

They have arrived! Bring $10 to the field this week to get yours. Supplies are limited, but we’ll order more if these go quickly.


Photos from 11/25/2012

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GoPro Video from 11/11/2012


Photos from 6/28/2002